Allergy and Asthma Testimonials

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Chronic Asthma, Ear Infections, and Constipation End

Migraines and Allergies gone. Keeping up with Grand Children Now.

Testimonial by Janel

Asthma and Stiffness Gone After 2 Weeks With Dr. Kimes.

Here I am Giving Dr. Kimes all the drugs I don't need to take anymore!

"I started to have really bad Low Back Pain and Tailbone Pain after falling while roller blading in the 5th grade. I also had been suffering with Asthma (Cough, Bronchitis, Difficulty Breathing especially during exercise). These conditions made my life miserable. I was put on Steroids and Pharmaceutical drugs for my condition which did not help me and gave me side affects of nervousness, jitters, and loss of appetite (This worried my mom because I would not eat breakfast!).” “I am so happy to be well now and I no longer have poor health. Dr. Kimes’ Specialized System of Corrective Chiropractic care to adjust my subluxations (spinal misalignment causing nerve interference) that were affecting my organs has help restored my central nervous system, has given me back my life, and gotten me off all the drugs. I would recommend Dr. Kimes’ specialized care to all people who want to be healthy without drugs by having your brain send the right signals to all your organs."

Elizabeth Lawson