Miscellaneous Testimonials

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I Have My Freedom back ! My Kidney Function, High Blood Pressure and Back Pain Have Improved Tremendously!

Suffering From Pain Now I am Playing With My Kids And Am Off Drugs

No Longer House Bound Or Bed Ridden With Theh Help Of Dr. Kimes

Gastritis Stomach Pain & Vomiting Now 100% Better

Baby's Digestive Problems And Gas Pains Cured

Barely Able To Walk Before Dr. Kimes! Now I'm Horseback Riding Again!

My Baby Was Cured Of Torticollis

No More Fatigue! Energy Revitalized And Family Health Restored!

Testimonial By Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Michael Klassen

"I have personally observed the exceptional quality of Dr. Mark Kimes' Chiropractic care and have noted the remarkable progress he achieves. It is for this reason that he has been an excellent resource for me to send my patients who need immediate pain relief and restoration of their daily functions."

Dr. Michael Klassen

Salinas is lucky to have Dr. Kimes’ clinic in their midst

"I have been a Board Certified Neurosurgeon for 44 years. I have been impressed with the high level of care and great results Dr. Kimes achieves for his patients."

Dr. A. Stephen Genest, MD, FiCS Neurosurgery