Sports Injury Testimonials

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Relieved From Daily, Constant, Severe, Debilitating Headaches

I'm Golfing And Working Out Again After 3 Years Of Terrible Pain

Frustrated With No Results Anywhere Else

One Month With Dr. Kimes And I'm So Happy

Leg Pain Testimonial By Everardo B

I am Now Able To Enjoy A Full Night's Rest

My Low Back Pain Is Gone! I'm Running With My Dog Again!

Hip Pain Gone And I Am Back On The Court Playing Professional Tennis Again

Hiking And Jogging Again After Back And Hand Pain Relieved

How My Professional Racing Carreer Was Saved By Dr. Kimes.

"I had multiple injuries due to my career as a professional motorcycle racer. As a result, I developed severe low back pain, upper back pain, and pain in my shoulders. I was doubtful that I would ever be able to do what I love the most, which was to race motorcycles again.

Thanks to Dr. Kimes’ advanced system of chiropractic care, I have been able to return to the professional racing circuit with my best performance ever, both on and off the race track! Thanks for giving me my life and career back and keeping me on the race track winning!"

Jeremy Chisum